Barriers NYC is a brand that produces ready to wear apparel and ac­cessories with its Dripping Logo and Phrases that speak to its mantra Create Your Opportunity. This mantra is transcended through their blog, vlog, and spotlighting upcoming figures of influence in their respected fields.

The brand gives many new artists a platform to have their work heard. These platforms are used to keep young people in the loop as well as those who may not be familiar with fashion or streetwear culture. Barriers gets its name from the idea of individuality and cre­ating your own path to follow.

This path could be tor one or many but everyone wishes to create their own, something they can stamp and say their hard work went to. This idea is present in our apparel through the unique displays of key phrase like "Unite or Perish". Throughout the collections you can find this phrase present. There is a belief that through unity and co­operation we can achieve anything and achieve individual or collec­tive success.